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Ship Chandler Istanbul

Ship Chandler Istanbul, which was established in 1992, has been providing all kinds of professional supplies for ships for more than 30 years.

Our staff, which was a few people before, has turned into a family of 20 people later on. Most of the people in this family are people who have worked at sea for many years and can fully meet your needs. For this reason, there is a minimum level of returns and complaints about the supplies Istanbul Ship Supply have made.
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Ship Chandler Istanbul provide service to many ports in Istanbul and nearby places. Our main center is Istanbul and Tuzla. Apart from these, for your needs; Ship Chandler Istanbul also provide service in Tekirdag and Izmit ports.

Nowadays, with the opening of the grain corridor, there is an extreme density of ships in the Istanbul anchorage area region than ever before. Therefore, many ships wait at the entrance of the Dardanelles and Bosphorus for up to 1 month, and many needs arise during these waiting periods. Ship Chandler Istanbul provide all of these needs on time and under the best conditions. Ship Chandler Istanbul provide you with the best service in Istanbul and Tuzla ports every day of the week without interruption.

Ship Chandler Istanbul, who have a high quality and abundant product range, easily meet all kinds of needs such as materials, stores, medicine, maps and similar needs of ships in the passage of the Bosphorus and in Tuzla shipyards.

Our mission is to provide you, valuable people, with a better and quality service in an environment that is sharing, reliable, modern, hardworking and team spirit by gaining your trust with our successful works that Ship Chandler Istanbul have done and will do in the developing and rapidly growing ship sector.

Ship Chandler Istanbul guarantee that we will give you the best service you can reach in Turkey with our experience and knowledge gained over the years.

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As Ship Chandler Istanbul, we offer you safe and timely service by sticking to the agreement.

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