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Ship Chandler Istanbul

Ship Chandler Istanbul provide the supplies needed by the ships in the Bosphorus, Tuzla and the surrounding ports completely, quickly and with the best conditions. Ship Chandler Istanbul provide uninterrupted service every day, including weekends. Ship Chandler Istanbul make complete deliveries with our professional staff in this regard. Most of the provisions that should be on the ships and needed by the personnel are in our cold storages and are offered to you immediately if you need them. We claim that Istanbul Ship Supply make all the supplies you need at the most affordable prices.
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In 2022, the price of food and many materials around the world has increased excessively in our country, as it was in the world yesterday. However, Ship Chandler Istanbul offer you the hikes in food and food prices at much more affordable prices than in many countries of the world. All of the products we have offered to you are of high quality and have a long service life. Today, many ships are waiting for grain loads at the entrance of the Bosphorus. During this time, you can easily reach all kinds of products you need by contacting us. You are provided with daily and high quality fruits and vegetables except Sunday. All of our vegetables and fruits are locally produced and are delivered to ships in a way that they can be stored for a long time without any quality problems.

The meat products you need are generally given as fresh meat, although slightly more expensive than frozen products, Ship Chandler Istanbul offer you the meat products of animals that are completely natural and fed with green grass.

In addition, Istanbul Ship Supply have meat products from foreign countries, which Istanbul Ship Supply offer at more affordable prices, in our stocks, but the taste of these products is relatively lower than fresh meat products.

All of the canned products are long-lasting and can be stored on ships for at least 3 months. While we offer frozen products to you, we offer the highest quality products to your staff without making any concessions on quality.

Today, while we are supplying in Istanbul, Tuzla and nearby regions, many suppliers get prices from us and can offer you offers at the prices they received from us. Ship Chandler Istanbul are one of the rare companies where you can work directly with us on this issue. You can contact us directly without paying any commission and without dealing with any intermediaries. Istanbul Ship Supply serve you so that you can get high quality products at the best prices.

Please contact us for your needs and join our privileged customers.

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